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Nowalijka - Ĺšledzenie nowych aukcji allegro

For a while I used a commercial windows software to convert a bunch of MTS files, but as a Linux user (Windows is for games mostly :) ), I finally managed to find a way to do it using ffmpeg, a patch and mencoder.
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Long time no see :)

I’ve been lately looking more and more into AI programming (mostly using great Artificial Intelligence: Modern Approach, it really lacks exercise answers that would be great for self study) and found Google AI Challenge I hope to at least appear in the leader boards :)
Right now I have only uploaded the started kit (in Python) and I’ll try to create a bot that will appear at east at 300th position :).

job interview Hi,
I am having a job interview on Thursday (that’s why there are no new posts lately) and I wanted to find out what resources do readers use when they go to an interview.

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question markHave you ever wondered “What the hell is this J2EE thingy?”, “How can someone use Java to develop web applications?” or even “Web pages in Java? Isn’t this for applets only?”.

If so, than we have something in common, for years I have been asking myself those questions, while not having enough time to dig into the subject and learn more about Java. This language had always seemed to me to slow and having an ugly GUI (remember all that applets floating around the web in the late 90-ties ?).

As I have finally found some time to study a part of J2EE consisting of Servlets and JSP (using the excellent Head First Servlets and JSP: Passing the Sun Certified Web Component Developer Exam (SCWCD) by Kathy Sierra et al.), I will present you with what I have learned. I really hope that you will benefit from the information presented below. If you have bought some kind of Tomcat hosting or some other J2EE web hosting than you can skip the first point, and go straight to the second one.

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Python versus Java

31 Aug 06

pythonEver wondered why there are so many people that program in Python, although Java (along with .NET) is the main enterprise language? You can find out in this post at bitworking.org.

Joe talks about the things (technical term!) that Python has and Java misses. Here is the list of those abstractions with my comments and ways of simulating (give me a feedback with your propositions):
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